Always Do Your Best!

As I was sitting at the Executive Director session of my International Maxwell Certification (IMC) today, Monday, March 12, I asked myself “why isn’t everyone who attends the IMC in this level?”. Sure, it requires a higher amount of investment in time, energy and financial resources, but it is the best Level to be in, especially when you consider all the benefits of it!

I have come to realize that we all grow at a different pace, learn in different ways and have different circumstances that either allow us, or prevent us, from going fast or slow when it comes to our personal development. I’ve learned not to be judgmental but to embrace everyone at the level they’re in and hope I inspire them to grow from where they stand.

My mom taught me to always do my best in everything I did and she was the best example, just like the fact she insisted in studying the citizenship test questions in English even though she was not required to because she was a elderly whose native language was Spanish. She certainly taught me to do my best with her example!