3 Things to help manage difficult situations

If I could go back in time I’d asked my mom so many questions! Like, “How did you do it?” “Where did you learn all these valuable leadership characteristics?” “How could you be so positive and willing to help so many people”

Without a formal education or training she was truly a person who displayed universal values that I know are transforming. I know because I’ve trained directly under my mentor and friend, Dr. John C. Maxwell, the most renown leadership expert, I’ve been part of Transformation of a country in Costa Rica and soon in Paraguay. I’ve committed to grow as a person and the more I grow, the more I appreciate who my mom was.

In this story, I mentioned my friend dealing with a difficult situation. If my mom had not helped, my friend would not have been allowed back in the US because she didn’t have proof of her immigration status.

My friend visited my home town, met my mom and immediately loved her! She experienced the special love I had for my mom and my huge desire to help her. She may still remember that during this trip I went to a furniture store and bought my mom a gift. It was a new washing machine. I gave a down payment and was planning on paying it off over a period of time. I was young and didn’t have much but I had a good job in Chicago that allowed me to help.

There was a special promotion going on at the furniture store and it was being televised. The store would give the deposit back if I played a game and guessed the number a roulette would show, sort of like The Wheel of Fortune. I tried and my friend helped, got the first number down, if I got the second one, they would give me double the amount of the deposit and if I guessed the number three times, they would also give me the merchandise for free.

God knew how much I loved my mom and allowed me to bring her a paid in full gift and a check for double my down payment! Can’t explain it but I believe this was a miracle. I sometimes reflect on how much gratefulness my mom had towards and I always conclude that it is the reason why God answered so many of her petitions. Thank you for accepting my invitation to my hometown, Durango Mexico so many years ago and witnessing my mom’s greatness, my friend!!