5 characteristics of people that really want make a difference in this world

I'm surrounded by people that really want to make a difference in the world!

I’m writing from Asunción in Paraguay today! My adventure started when I got the email I anticipated so anxiously. If this mission trip was anything like my previous one to Cuba, Peru or Costa Rica I was going to be all in! I looked at the travel time and that alone made me understand the huge commitment this trip would entail. There are no direct flights or easy ways to get to Asunción. It took me 3 flights to get here and sleepless nights. However, my passion for bringing personal development and leadership training to youth and those open to it (where God opens doors) was more important than the sacrifice I’ve had to go through. Having the honor to be part of an amazing tribe called JMT also known as the John Maxwell Team gives me the privilege to be part of Transformation of a country. I’ve shared how last year during Transformation of a country in Costa Rica, I was inspired to do something about carrying my mom’s legacy through her name from a teaching Dr John Maxwell gave us at the welcoming reception. Thus reason for creating The ELISA foundation. I owe John the inspiration needed to start honoring my mother in such a tangible way!

I’ll be sharing my experience with you as it unfolds but at the moment I’d like to start with an encouraging and inspiring teaching at the welcoming reception with John Maxwell in Paraguay. This time he talked about characteristics of people that really want to make a difference. He dedicated this talk to us, the JMT members that attended Asunción in Paraguay paying the greatest complement to each of us! This teaching truly inspires me to be one who really REALLY wants to make a difference in people’s lives and I hope you find this beneficial as well.

  1. Play an INFINITE GAME -there are 2 games people play. Finite and Infinite. For those who play a finite game, they know the rules, they play for a while and have a finish line and a time when is over, whether they win or lose, it’s tangible and has an end. But for people who really want to make a difference, they play a game bigger than they are, it’s not easily understood and there’s no finish line. It’s bigger than humanity, it’s a cause that its always fought for and it’s a believe that it’s never achieved. People that make a difference never see their work complete because there’s always more to do.
  2. They sacrifice greatly to make it. They know that the dream is free but the journey isn’t. What’s amazing is that they don’t consider their work a sacrifice.
  3. They see more and before others. They have a wider, longer, higher and deeper vision than average people. Average people look at life and ask why? People that really want to make a difference look at life and ask WHY NOT?
  4. People that really want to make a difference BELIEVE that can actually make a difference. You can’t really inspire others unless you believe in yourself. He used Gaby’s example, a JMT member, who approached John a few years ago with the idea to have a meeting with the president of Paraguay and bring TRANSFORMATION to her country. She didn’t know the president nor did she have any resources to make this happen other than her BELIEF that she could do it and here we are!
  5. People who really want to make a difference, simply do. They don’t give excuses, they show up and add value, they show up to serve, it doesn’t matter what it takes.

“People that really want to make a difference do something so big in life that people who know them say ‘that can’t be him or her, God must of helped him’.” -John Maxwell

I’m blessed to be able to hear these teachings directly from my mentor and I know that my investment in energy, time and resources coming to Paraguay will make a difference in the lives of those I encounter. Today I wish I could share this experience with my mom and I just know she’d be proud. I definitely see her in each of these 5 characteristics.

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  • Patricia

    Thank you for saying yes!!,to this project and I really feel very touched by your words, and I’m so happy and blessed because I had the chance to meet you this morning and I really appreciate all the information you shared with me and I can feel God’s will through this.