Be part of the solution!


There’s something about the summer in Chicago! People get busy and occupied with lots of things. I’m not an exemption! I provide enrichment programs to youth and get involved in 2 of my favorite events! One is organized by Clemente Nicado and the “Who is Who in Hispanic Chicago” where many are recognized for their accomplishments in the community and the success of their companies has become one of the most anticipated ones during this time of year in Chicago. The other one is the biggest “5K to end homelessness” by A Safe Haven Foundation in Chicago, which relies on successful companies and individuals, like the ones Clemente recognizes, to help its residents.

I have shared with you in the past that my mom was always willing to volunteer her time. She usually did it in organizations focused on areas of spiritual growth. No matter what cause you like, by contributing a little, we can all make a difference in other people’s lives.

How did I meet ASFH and Clemente?

“Norma, do you have an instructor certified to teach a Zumba kids class?” was the first thing I heard when I answered the phone on a cold winter night a few years ago. My friend, Monica Rydzewski -now Monica Phillip, was organizing a Christmas party for the kids of A Safe Haven Foundation. I reached out to my team and got the help Monica needed for a fun Zumba party. I tagged along and learned everything about A Safe Haven. My impression due to the wonderful job they were doing by helping thousands or homeless and veterans was that everyone knew about it and I was surprised I had never heard of it. Shortly after that, I became heavily involved and even chaired the Advisory board for a term. The more I’m involved, the more my admiration grows for them. Neli is certainly one of the smartest people I have ever met and she uses her wisdom to run A Safe Haven as an enterprise responsible for the success of hundreds of thousands of people that rely on it with hope to become self reliant and productive citizens.

I met Clemente during a News Press Conference held at A Safe Haven and just from a brief conversation, I could tell he was a humble and hard working individual that loves to recognize others for their efforts and accomplishments.

I’ve seen both Neli and Clemente create magic and I wish for you, yes you reading this blog to be involved and be part of the solution!

We need you!
We need you! Be part of the solution!