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    Get rich or build wealth?

    One of my favorite things to do is to read and listen to podcasts. Mark Cole, my mentor and CEO of the John Maxwell Companies, often hosts the John Leadership Maxwell podcast and recently interviewed Chris Hogan, a number one best seller author for a book called “Everyday Millionaires”. His message is one of hope and financial peace. It inspired me to write about this topic because the more I deal with people from all walks of life, the more I see the need for this message. A message of HOPE and FINANCIAL PEACE.

    Chris and I have many things in common. His dad wasn’t around growing up, he is a person of faith, he’s been under the mentorship of one of the greater leadership experts, Dr John C. Maxwell and he believes that the most valuable principle to be successful in business is to apply the Golden Rule and treat others the way you want to be treated. It was interesting to see why John said in the beginning of the podcast “I have a notebook in front of me and I’m ready to take notes from Chris and become better by the end of this call”. I couldn’t agree more with him! I benefited so much from this call and will share my notes as well.

    Chris says there’s a difference from Making Money and Building Wealth. “Find something you love and do it” this helps you to make money. When you are passionate and do it long term, that’s when you build wealth and you need to do 3 things:

    1. BELIEF. You have to believe that no matter where you came from or where you were born or who your family is, you can accomplish anything.
    2. KNOWLEDGE. You can’t stop learning. Listen to podcasts. Read books. Invest in yourself and attend workshops and trainings.
    3. ACTION. Nothing happens until something moves. 

    The importance of building wealth and at the same time keeping a generous heart, be a good steward and add value to others. Planning for retirement is having options. He knows of the importance of having a support system and recommends we all have these in our lives:

    1. A MENTOR. Success and guides you
    2. A COACH. Someone who pushes you and makes you accountable
    3. A FRIEND. Someone that can call you out if you’re out of character

    I just love everything about Chris, whose mission is to Educate, Encourage and Empower! He touched on the need to keep growing and care about people to become a great leader. Let’s apply these teachings and grow together!