When is the right time to start your plan of personal growth?

The past few days have been the highlight of my year -so far! I say “so far” because I never think things can get better and they always do! 

My beautiful granddaughter, Elena Marie, turned one year earlier this month and we just celebrated with the family this past weekend. You might wonder why I bring this up! I think she’s old enough to start a personal growth plan. You may laugh or think I’m exaggerating. However, I see how easy it is for her to learn things now! I learned from my mom that age is just a number. You’re never too young (or too old) to start investing in yourself!

I don’t know many kids that do all the chores I used to do when I was only 7 years old. My mom only had an elementary level education but she was a life time learner and when all her children were established with their own families and careers she went back to school! She attended the Seminario Bíblico Hispano in Chicago and got a certification in theology. She used to go to all sort of conventions and spiritual retreats and loved reading and investing in others. She’d buy gifts for people she visited and invested her time -the most valuable commodity of all times- in teaching, speaking, training and disciplining others. She freely shared her knowledge and I’m so honored to have learned so much from her. It’s not a secret that I believe she died way too soon but impacted way too many to count.

If you haven’t started investing in your personal growth, consider starting today! Make a decision! Small steps help you get big results. Reach out for ideas.  This is a must for you to live a life of significance!