You become who you are meant to be on your way to your goal

Have you ever admired someone from a distance not knowing they’ve been admiring you as well? Is it true that you attract people just like yourself? People with the same interests in life? People with the same goals and motives? What do you believe in regards to the law of attraction?

True story, this past weekend I spent some quality time with someone I met several years ago, a friend that I now consider a soul partner!

I first saw her while walking around the items available during a silent auction at an event for one of the organizations I support. When I saw her, I thought “what a beautiful lady!”, I’m so glad we (women) have the ability to admire each other and pay compliments without being compromised! We had a very short and casual conversation and continued on mingling and greeting others. We’ve coincided at other events throughout the years and although we were always polite, said hello and took a picture or two, we never really took the time to get to know each other until more recently.

For some reason I was intentional to meet her this weekend and nothing was going to get on the way. I just felt like I needed to meet her in a private environment and without distractions. We had agreed for me to stop by her home on Saturday morning and somehow everything (both her schedule and mine) moved around and kept delaying our meeting! I’d hoped to meet as early as possible based on my several commitments that day. Well, my meeting with her ended up being the last one of the day at 6pm! What happened next impressed me the most. I’ll call our gathering a “life event”.

You may be asking yourself “why would a simple gathering between two friends be such a big deal as to be considered a life event?” I’ll start by saying that I’m fortunate to have experienced a deep connection with other people in my life as it happened on Saturday at 6pm. It’s something hard to explained but it’s as if you discover the most enlightening, authentic, trustworthy, openminded, strong, giving, successful, beautiful person in the world! If you’ve been lucky enough to experience this, you’ll understand me.

First of all, let me say that she’s a great host and a wonderful cook. I suggested we patent the recipe for her grilled chicken and broccoli “a la Tovias” and make a fortune with it!

The amazing view from her place overseeing the Chicago River and the peaceful, colorful and beautiful sunset was perfect for our conversation. We talked about our projects, our trips, our family, our desire to empower other women and mostly about things that sparked joy into our lives!

We shared our journeys which reminded me something I heard Rachel Hollis say the day I met her “You become who you are meant to be on your way to your goal”. Well, my friend, Martha Estela Tovias has become who she’s meant to be as she’s reached her goal. She’s the first latina to own a title company in the state of Illinois. I’m privileged to know her, learn from her and confirm what I thought about her when I first met her “what a beautiful lady!”. I’m looking forward to stay closely connected to such a wonderful woman with such a clear vision and mission in life. She’s definitely living a life of significance. I know my mom and her dad are celebrating in heaven and proud of our alliance!