Women empowering women

Women Empowering Women

It’s wonderful to see a group of women so passionate about helping others. I gravitate to these kind of networks. I long to be with people that genuinely want to add value to others. To me, it’s simply the right thing to do. 

L.E.E.N. (Latinas Executive and Entrepreneurs Network) is well and growing rapidly. I first introduced you to this project through my blog “You Become Who You Are on you way to your GOAL” when I highlighted my beautiful friend, Martha Tovias, who founded L.E.E.N. 

It’s impressive to see the “disruption” this networking group is causing. Many want to belong to it! You may recall one of the purposes of L.E.E.N. is to allow entrepreneurial Latinas to contribute their knowledge and empower other women.
I believe this is the reason why is becoming extremely popular. There’s nothing like sharing what you’ve learned through your experiences and see others succeed in their goals thanks to your contribution, even if just a word of encouragement. The kind of satisfaction being a giver provides is hard to explain. The more you give the more you get.  This group is to LOVE, LEARN and LEAN! Love, because you just can’t help but to embrace every story of success.  learn, because to help each other, everyone needs to contribute and share experiences, making it a learning environment and lean because the main purpose of it is to be able to support and promote each other’s services and events. 

I know my mom was an entrepreneur at heart and although she never “officially” incorporated, she “unofficially” was involved in philanthropy, retail, social work, and consulting besides others. She would have loved each one of the ladies in my circle like Dr. Maribel Lopez, a woman so committed to give, pay it forward and help that I would literally need a book to tell her story. Just the fact that she’s in the 2% of Latinas with a doctorate amazes me. By the way, I’m so proud of her second book she’s officially launching on her Fundraising event on October 5. I know it will be a memorable time and a continuation of her many accomplishments. I encourage her to follow her and be prepare to learn from a woman living a life of significance. 

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