“Know the ideal business to get involved in” -Jacqueline Garcia

I’ve met daring, bold and strong women in my life and Jacqueline Garcia is one of the most accomplished women I’ve ever known. She doesn’t only display these characteristics but she’s also a very kind, knowledgeable, professional, committed, wise, loyal and FUN person to be around. I met her a few years ago in an international convention we both attended and I was immediately impressed by the fact that she had reached the highest rank in the company just within a couple of years, while it took others much longer than that. Her secret? She has none! She shares them all with people who are eager to learn, improve themselves and pass their knowledge on to others. She’s a selfless leader who gives back and I’m convinced this is one of the reasons why she’s so successful in life. Follow her and understand why I admire Jackie so much!

Her post on social media titled “KNOW WHAT BUSINESS IS IDEAL FOR YOU” resonated with me because of where I am in life at the moment and involved in my ideal business. However, I know many women would love to be involved in something that doesn’t only provide personal satisfaction but also financial stability. “Of course, with pleasure!” she said when I asked her if I could share it. She suggests to ask yourself these 3 questions to discover the ideal business to be involved with :

1. What do you do well?
2. What do you better than other people?
3. How can you make money from what you do better than other people? She also believes that women are capable of doing two things at the same time and do it right! It involves making a decision, believing it and create it. Following is Jackie’s post mentioned above:


In one point in my, life I’ve asked myself these questions as well. I must say that it took me years, several ideas and trial and error to arrive to the ideal business to be involved with. Once I found out what I was passionate about and how much I enjoyed it, everything fell into place, even my partners in the team seemed to have the same interests in life and value the same core values I do, which didn’t always happened before. Most importantly, I’m supporting my husband with it and we’re enjoying this journey together.

Gilda Green, Michelle Massa, Sarah Hein and Brooke Thomas are part of my support team. They cheer me on and encourage me to believe in myself and reach for the stars. We’re business associates in a company that is positioned for explosive growth and is disrupting the mental wellness industry. We’re the fastest growing team in the company and most importantly, we’re friends and prayer partners. My mom would have loved them so!

I’m blessed to have found the ideal business to be in and to know it’s a resource helping me make a difference in people and adding value to their lives every day. It’s so true that once you find SIGNIFICANCE, success is not enough. Try it!